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Decide what you want

 If you wish to make anything of quality you need to use right ingredients. This cannot be overstated when it comes to molding your own transvestite. Boys have all sorts of shapes, sizes, ages, attitudes & experiences, so it is very important that you choose your starting material wisely. If you are looking to create a slim 5'8" shemale, don't start with a 200 pound, 6'6" football player.

Firstly you need to decide what it is that you want, and how likely it is that you are going to be able to get it. If you are single & live alone, you may well be able to set your heights far higher than if you are a bi-curious married man, who wants a TV on the side. The amount of commitment you can put into the relationship will pay a huge dividend in getting what you want. If you are serious about this, there are parts of this website that are devoted to the Master who can accommodate and train a TV without having to worry about his wife finding out.

So ask your self do you want a submissive sex toy? A wife?

A fun companion? Or just a quick fuck before getting back to your wife. These choices will alter the type of boy you choose, and how far he is already feminized.

The next piece of advice is "Be Realistic" - this is harsh, but worth doing right from the start. Take a look at yourself. If you are 60 lbs. overweight, a heavy smoker, not done any exercise in years, and spend all day in a mobile home drinking Milwaukees Best, then you are not going to be able to attract a supermodel - sorry guys its just the way life is. Whereas a suave & sophisticated man with a stately home, & Rolls Royce, nicely dressed with a real dungeon in his cellars would be every girl's fantasy. These examples are extreme, but at least try to look the part. Cut down on the fatty food - buy some new clothes (brown Nylon pants were never in!) - take a little exercise - wash regularly (there is nothing worse than tying to give a blow job with the smell of stale urine in your nostrils!) - make your pubic hair presentable! Trim it! Think about what type of clothes you are going to wear for him (are you going for the  James Bond look, the Hollywood star, the S&M Master look ( some nice male outfits here http://www.westwardbound.com/ look under men's wear for yourself & the other categories for ideas for your boy). But in short make an effort - don't just wear jeans & a T-shirt because you always wear that - think about your appearance--after all you want him to want you - so don't make it difficult!

Body Shape:


The average human height is 5'8". You are unlikely to find many boys much shorter than this. However anywhere between 5'6" & 5'10" is an ideal height for your boy (much taller than this and he will be a tall her). Remember height is one of the few things we cannot alter about your chosen boy.


If we take our 5'8" tall boy, he should be aiming at a weight of around 135 pounds. Most people are overweight, and female hormones can play havoc with boy's weight. If your chosen boy is overweight, don't worry - this can be fixed. Get him to exercise, drink less beer, eat more healthily - it is possible to lose almost 20 pounds a month. Remember many people lie about their weight!


This is very much a matter of choice for the individual Master to make. I would recommend always going for a boy who is at least 5 years younger than you. However I would add, that even thought I call them boys, they should obviously be adults. Boys in their late 20's early 30's are ideal candidates for long term or permanent feminization. Those you do it younger tend to be driven in that direction and are therefore less controllable. Most at 30 will have been through periods of confusion, followed by a process of throwing out female clothes (purging), only to slip back a few months later. They will have had time to experience the world as a male, and probably are the more submissive types (single, 30, confused - ideal prey!), and still young enough to look positively gorgeous for many years to come. Again age cannot be fixed later - believe me!


This is very important. A boy's attitude can be altered, and a core part of his training will involve attitude readjustment. However there are certain traits which make him easier to feminize. Again this depends on exactly what you are looking for. Allow me to elaborate. If the boy is shy, this can be a very good thing, especially if you wish for his full feminization, but a bad thing if you want to meet him that night in a parking lot for sex. I would choose a shy boy, away from his home town, with few friends, - an awkward boy, who dresses as a girl to get away from his mediocre male life. Once he has accepted you as an understanding & supportive friend (this will take time), it will be easy for you to slowly expand his dressing, until he is your girl. Whereas a more confident boy, will probably have many friends as a male, may well have had a string of previous lovers, and dresses for the excitement - he will not be at all easy to control - but may be up for a quick blowjob! So approach these two boys very differently or you will bore one & scare the other.


Again this depends on what you want. An inexperienced boy can be great fun, as he will look very much to you for guidance & instruction. There are few things more wonderful in this world than the delight on the face of a TV, that you have made, and you have turned gay, when you take her virginity.

However for those of you in a rush, the TV who has been round the block knows how to give the best blowjobs in town!

Finding the right Boy:

Ok I hear you say! This is all well and good but where the hell do I get my boy from? And how do I get him to first base? Well help is at hand. There are many places where TVs advertise, and replying to these ads is a first step. I would compose a very good letter, several pages long at least, and maybe with a few photographs, and then send this to every TV ad you like. Its takes awhile to do, but you only have to do it once (maybe a little customization each time), but it is well worth doing. Far better than your typical:-

"Hey you sound good! Get in contact if you want to meet."

type of rubbish, which is a complete waste of time.

Now this can be a good first contact, but you will need to build trust with the shy, awkward TV which is the ideal type for full feminization. Here is a big problem: most of them will not readily meet you. Some are just living out a fantasy in their bedroom, and have no intention of ever going through with it while others might. Separating these two, and preparing for the 1st meet is covered later.

However one of the easiest ways to make contact, at a one to one level is in a chat room, or using a chat service such as MSN, or Yahoo. So set up some of those accounts if you do not already have them. When you do this choose a good name. For example, 'Master_4_TV', 'Girl_maker', 'TV_helper', 'Lord_William' are good names, whereas 'suck_my_cock', 'Master-bator', 'Cum-wizard' etc. are poor names for attracting a shy TV.

If you have the option for a profile, do not leave it blank!!!. This is very important. Spend plenty of time making your profile as attractive as possible - it will be many people's first impression of you. Be relatively serious - obviously don't give your real full name (unless you want to), but give your location - no point chatting up a TV across the Atlantic. Fill out your 'hobbies & interests' in a sensible way - "Looking for a TV to brighten up my life...." sort of thing, nothing too threatening (DO NOT SOUND DESPERATE - this says "loser" all over it, so none of "I am divorced", "given up on women", "last TV left me", this does not make you sound attractive!!)

Have a Photo on your profile! (How many people have you messaged without one?) - DO NOT PUT UP A PHOTO OF YOUR COCK! OR OF YOU NAKED! This gives the wrong impression to a shy little boy. Most TVs are not gay - so your cock will not help him want you (don't worry about this - we have ways later of turning him gay). Choose a good photo, showing you in your best light, maybe dressed as a 'master', not just the first blurry webcam capture you get. If you do not have a photo yet use one from the internet depicting a male forcibly or otherwise feminized.

If you use one of these, remember to add a suitable line in your profile - something like "If the photo in my profile appeals to you, why not get in contact - I would love to do this to you"

Text Etiquette:

This is very important. There are a number of do's & dont's. Firstly the ubiquitous "what are you wearing?" question is boring and thoughtless! and usually you will end up with a pack of lies anyway. When you both have webcams running it can be answered then! SO don't do it, unless the information is freely volunteered (i.e.

< boy > "I have a lovely new dress on."

< master > "Wonderful! I like it when you wear dresses, and I love it when you buy new ones. I bet you feel great now you are wearing it."

< boy > "Oh yes! I am so excited"

< master > "why don't you tell me about your shipping trip & why you chose this dress over all those over lovely feminine garments that would look so wonderful on you"

Try to be innovative with your questions, so also avoid the other "what are you doing?" "How are you?" type other than as an entry into further conversation. When what the last time that 'How are you?' got a really interesting answer. The purpose of these chats is for both of you to learn more about each other, and for you to sound more & more appealing to the boy.

When he sends you a photo, or if he has one on his profile, comment on it. "That dress makes you look very feminine" etc. are great comments, and allow you to open the discussion on how to make him more feminine "Have you ever thought about a string of pearls with that blouse?" etc. Rather than going for the "you look lovely... I want to ravish you" tact which doesn't lead anywhere. Keep control of the conversation, which means replying quickly to his messages, and not chatting to too many people at once (learn how to use the invisible button), or just reply "I am a little busy right now, can I get back to you a little later?".

Have plenty of things to say, maybe some interesting photos, or interesting web links:-

for example http://www.neosteel.de/Nsepcb.htm shows a shemale Chastity belt.  Here is another:  http://www.lockmeup.com/cb/image-gallery/male-ad/male-ad.html  .  A great topic for conversation, especially as we see that orgasm control is important in his training (later stages).

Or get him to choose an outfit from http://www.ladybwear.co.uk/ and discuss why he likes it.  http://www.atlantic-line.fr/~pgts/lnkhhen.html is another site of interest.


Find out what his sexual preferences are (he will be gay, by the time you have finished with her, but keep that a secret).

Don't keep pressuring him to meet you! You will know when the time is right - and it is not the first time you speak! This is very important! This will make you sound desperate! It is best if the idea to meet comes from him! You can leave hints & let him know you are available - but continual pressure will only stress him! Just let him know that he can come and see you when he wants...be prepared for a wait! - Especially with the shy type (but these are worth the wait, as they are the most likely to become girls, and will remain loyal!)

The bottom line is avoid boring conversation, plan beforehand what you want to talk about, leave before it slows down, make him always happy to see you on line.

Don't contact him, if you have nothing to say. Once or twice a week is all you need to contact him. When he starts contacting you, then it is time to move to the next stage.

Beginning to Establish control & desire in him.

By this stage you should have been chatting to your boy of choice for at least a week or so (maybe months), and begun to build up an online relationship. You should know the basic things about him (when he dresses, how long he has been dressing, his male name, his sexual orientation (I bet he is bi), and have found out if he is interested in having a "Master", and whether he wants further feminization).

That "Master" is of course you, but he does not yet need to call you "Master" - that will come in good time.

Now I know exactly what you want at this stage, and that is to get your hands on him, and feel his warm lipstick coated ruby red lips, sliding over your cock!

DON'T! (Not yet!)

Prepare the ground for that first meeting very carefully or else it will be a disaster!

What you need to do is establish control over him, and this is done very slowly, so he almost doesn't know it is happening. This is where many people go wrong. Even though you may think of him as a woman, he isn't one (at least not yet!), so all that buying her flowers, talk of cuddling up with her, keeping her safe, laughing at her jokes, being interested in the chess club because she is, style of wooing is OUT! You do not woo a transvestite like you do a real woman - especially if he isn't yet gay. It just won't work!

A transvestite is more interested in being thought of & accepted as a woman. But his concepts of how he wants to be treated pre-date feminism! A lot of guilt hangs on a transvestite, (see if you can find one who hasn't gone through the stage of throwing out his female clothes and trying to live a 'normal' life). One way for him to avoid the guilt of trying to be womanly is if he has womanhood forced on him ('then its not his fault he is a girl').

The way I recommend for approaching your transvestite is through the giving of tasks related to his feminization. These may well have to start off very small. I am going to put them at 4 different levels - & I would really appreciate your suggestions so I can add to this list.

LEVEL 1 TASKS:- (zero risk - can be performed easily)

  • Get him to buy a webcam or digital camera so he can prove he has completed his tasks. These are now very cheap and can be purchased for 50 dollars or so. Give him a week to get one.
  • Send him to http://www.fictionmania.com/enter.html and get him read as many stories as he likes, and then send you the one he wishes had happened to him.
  • Ask him to write a little essay explaining why the story he chose appealed to him. (or this could be the discussion you have online).
  • Send you a photo of himself, dressed up holding a sign with something you choose written on (i.e. "I want to be a shemale").
  • Send him some photos and give him the outline of a story, ask him to write it.
  • Ask him to send you the best photos he can find from the net of a shemale giving a man oral sex. (always try to include men in this type of task - it gets him used to the fact that shemales have sex with men - not women).
  • Get him to send you a photo of the type of breasts he wished he had.

LEVEL 2 TASKS:- ( need a little more organization to perform)

  • Get him to shave all over - there should be no body hair on your boy!
  • Get him to go and buy a new set of women's underwear. He should show you the receipt (to show he bought it that day), and then he should wear it.
  • Get him to purchase a copy of Playgirl (or similar magazine - better still gay porn) - the one with the boys in! Even better would be to have him get an annual subscription delivered to his home.  He could put it on the magazine rack in the bathroom--proudly displayed for all guests to see!
  • Get him to call you on the phone - if you give him your number its less threatening. (be prepared with a task to finish the call off with - a cheap mobile phone is ideal for this kind of contact. - you know when it rings there is a sissy on the line! and your normal phone won't ring with a sissy on it while you are in a meeting!)
  • Get him to buy some false breasts.
  • Make him go for a makeover at a salon--perhaps you can find some in your area that are t-girl friendly
  • Make him buy a wig, heels or whatever else he needs to be your perfect transvestite.

LEVEL 3 TASKS:- (more advanced tasks)

  • Basic Orgasm Control:-. Only allow him to cum when you allow it. Be generous, but get him to beg!
  • Get him to buy a vibrator &/or butt plug (not the inflating ones as those can cause blood clots!). Get him to send you a photo (or better still on cam) of him using it. Only allow him to orgasm if he has his plug in.
  • Get him to sleep every night with a small butt plug in. (this will get him used to being entered - remember lots of KY!)
  • Get him to masturbate into a condom, with you watching, then drink the contents with a straw!
  • No need for male underwear anymore! Get him to cut up his boxer shorts on cam, and promise to only wear female underwear from now on. This includes at work, at the gym, wherever he goes.
  • Watch him masturbate over his copy of Playgirl!
  • Make him get a manicure and show pictures to you.  You can have him get acrylic nails (length your choice), paint them clear or a color of your choosing. 

LEVEL 4 TASKS:- (heavy feminization - he should be ready to meet you by now!)

Some specialist shops such as http://www.transformation.co.uk/dev.html sell feminizing hormones. Get him to buy some Oestrogen Hormone Breast Cream, and start using it. Send a photo each night when it has been applied.
One quick note--and some may consider this bad.   It may prove to be valuable for the Master to collect blackmail information on his new sissy. The time may come when a certain limit is approached that the sissy may resist. At that time, the Master can reveal that he has the mailing address of his parents, friends, etc... , along with some compromising pictures or video. Although this may be unethical, it may also be just what she needs at a critical point in her training to leave her boring boy life for good.

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